Weave Vs. Tape-In Hair Extensions

As you compare hair extensions, the two main types you will come across are weave and tape-in. With a weave type, also called sew-in, your natural hair is braided into rows with the extensions woven through the braids. With tape-in extensions, wefts of hair are secured using double-sided tape to sections of your natural hair. Although sew-in hair extensions have been popular from decades past, stylists are now recommending tape-in hair extensions to protect your natural hair from damage.

tape in hair extensions

Weave Basics

Getting sew-in extensions is a painstakingly long process. During application, the hair must first be braided to create a base for the hair extensions. Once the braids are in place, each weft of hair must then be sewn into the braids with a needle and thread. On average, a sew-in extension appointment will take anywhere from three to five hours to complete. Drawbacks of sew-in extensions include the potential for serious hair damage. The tight braids are associated with conditions like traction alopecia, a form of hair loss. Weaves also offer a limited number of styling options.

tape in hair extensions

Tape-In Hair Extension Basics

With tape-in hair extensions, wefts of hair are taped to either side of your own natural hair. Tape-in hair extensions are secured to the hair using tape. Unlike weave appointments, tape-in hair extension applications are extremely fast and can be done in under an hour. Since the tape-in hair extensions won’t pull on your natural hair, it’s considered the safest method for extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are also reusable and can last months with proper maintenance. Tape-in hair extensions offer very high value and have a much overall lower cost to install and maintain than hair weaves.

Change your look frequently and without breaking the bank by choosing tape-in extensions. SDX. Tape-In Hair Extensions are completely customizable and are created from 100 % remy human hair. Add volume, length, and color with our hair extensions for a fun and fresh new look.    

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