[How To:] Creating Head Turning Vibrant Ombre Hair Color with Tape in Hair Extensions


Conducting a thorough consultation with your client is key to achieving the desired result.  For more information on consultations, click here.


First, using SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions Color Ring, match your natural mid-tone (meaning the color in-between the darkest and lightest visual colors) and set the swatch aside.  Then, match the lightest color found in the hair, or choose a complimentary color that matches from the SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions Color Ring and set that aside as well.  

Determining the final result will assist you in your head mapping and application method.  This client has a mid tone of Vibrant #C SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions, and highlight tone of Vibrant #R SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions.

This client is modelling a head-turning and "shocking" ombre hair color using SDX. The Vibrants Red and Cherry.  She wanted to extend her length with both tones in her hair, with hints of lightest color piercing through.


Although application styles differ, our team of SDX. tape in hair extensions professional stylists recommends the following application for our Tape in Hair Extensions to produce the desired ombre color effect on this model.

30 pieces of SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions, 15 pieces The Vibrants #C "Cherry" and 15 Pieces of The Vibrants #R "Red".  


The bottom row is 4 complete extensions (8 pieces) .  The bottom pieces of the tape in hair extensions sandwich is color #R.  The top piece of SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions in color #C.  This horizontal sectioning is created directly behind the ear on both sides.  Installing the bottom row tape in hair extensions will make of the permieter ("Length") of this ombre hair color design.

The middle row is 6 complete extensions with the all the bottom pieces of SDX. Tape In Hair Extensions #C and all top pieces of SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions in color #R.  This horseshoe section is approximately two finger widths above the ear on both sides and does not typically dip below the occipital bone.  This is most commonly the widest part of the head.  Accounting for a larger amount of tape in hair extensions tabs to cover the circumference of the head.  Adjust the rows according to the shape of the head, as long as all of the tape in hair extension tabs lay in a brick-lay pattern, you will achieve maximum coverage.  This middle row of Tape in Hair Extensions is the interior and bulk of the ombre hair color design.  If you choose to create a faster movement of dark to light, add more light pieces here, if you choose a slower, more subtle movement, blend or add darker pieces here to this area.

The top row is 5 complete tape in hair extensions.  The bottom pieces of this row are all SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions in color #R, and all the top pieces are SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions #C.  This top row of Tape in Hair Extensions is where the blending magic happens.  This is the row that must contain all or a blend of the desired finished result.  If you choose, as we did in this case, to also blend the middle row, you will need to add darker shades in the interior of the ombre color blend.





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