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[Salon Pro Tip:] How much should I charge for Tape in Hair Extensions?

[Salon Pro Tip:] How much should I charge for Tape in Hair Extensions?

We've asked some of the industry's top professionals in different regions to answer a simple, yet complex question.  How much should I charge for Tape in Hair Extensions - Here's what they had to say:

"...I charge for a service; for example, I do not have clients buy "the hair" and then charge for installation, instead, I charge for the entire service of installing hair extensions.  Which includes shampoo blow drying their natural hair, installing the tape in extensions hair, blending and styling the hair...." This stylist goes on to explain she sells herself as the whole service and not piece by piece.  She further explains comparison wise she would not charge her client for a tube of color or a scoop of bleach and then separately for her application of the color.  A full set of tape in hair extensions is $450 for one color and $650 for two colors, such as highlights and lowlights or a custom ombre hair color requiring the use two tape in extension colors.   

                    -  San Diego, CA



"I charge $150 per install...[not] including the hair..."  Some clients want more hair and some want less, so I charge for the hair and the installation separately. 

                    - Dania Beach, FL 



"Length doesn't matter at my salon, full head installation in 40 pieces at $750 which includes 22" length hair.....if you want shorter hair, we can cut to any desired length...."

                    - Jersey City, NJ


"I like to make it a 'No-Brainer' for my clients interested in Tape in Hair Extensions.  They are easy to install in minutes, with the affordability of SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions, I'm able to offer my clients a range of $350-$450 for a full set, including install. I have noticed a huge boost in revenue by using SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions now that I am able to offer such a great price to my clientele..."

                    -  Kearny Mesa, CA



Let's start by asking some questions:

What area do you live in?  Tape in Hair Extensions vastly differs in price in different regions.  For example, someone in New York City may charge more than someone in Tennessee based solely on the cost of living and economy.  It is important to first do thorough research (maybe within 50 miles) of your current location to get a good idea of what surrounding salons may charging their clients for Tape in Hair Extensions.  Also, take notations if those costs include a full service or if the prices are broken down by the cost of Tape in Hair Extensions hair and the installation of the Tape on Hair Extensions.

Are you within reasonable driving distance to a major metropolitan area?  If so, expand your research for Tape in Hair Extensions into that metropolitan area and see if you are able to offer a lower rate to help drive business to your salon.  SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions are so affordable, you will never worry about advertising a great deal to your new and existing clientele - and still make the same profit!

Will you carry a complete inventory of all colors of tape in hair extensions (like you have a fully stocked color cabinet) or will you order hair as needed for each client?  Keep in mind, having a fully stocked extension selection allows for much easier Tape in Hair Extensions sales as you are able to offer instant gratification to your clients, instead of having them wait for you to order the hair, schedule the installation and possibly.....have them change their mind.  The affordability of SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions allows stylists the freedom of having a fully stocked Tape in Hair Extensions inventory without the high cost of other Tape in Hair Extensions companies.

How much would you like to make per hour?  Weird question to ask a hairstylist - not really.  Let's think about it; if you charge $40 for a haircut and you book 1 hour, then you make $40 an hour.  Does that $40 an hour translate to your color services? Let's do the math...  Let's say you charge $60 for a root touch up, but the whole service takes you 2 hours; in this scenario, you would have only made $30 an hour.  So you charge $40 an hour for a haircut but only $30 an hour for color?  Are you a haircutting expert; no? then why charge more for a haircut per hour?    

These questions can only be answered by thorough research by the individual.