Will tape in hair extensions fall out when I brush my hair?

Hair extensions are a great way to get longer, thicker hair without having to wear a wig or weave. If you’re considering getting tape in hair extensions you may be asking yourself, will tape in hair extensions fall out when I brush my hair?  The short answer is no. We’ll go into more detail below.

 tape in hair extensions

How to Prevent Your Tape in Extensions From Falling Off

The main reason your tape in extension will fall off is if the tape wears off. In order to prevent the tape from losing its adhesion, you will need to use a mild shampoo and conditioner. You’ll also need to avoid applying conditioner directly onto the tape. Being careful not to tug on your tape in hair extensions will also help prevent them from falling out.

tape in hair extensions

Will My Tape in Hair Extension Fall Out When I Brush My Hair?

Brushing your hair will now cause your tape in hair extensions to fall out as long as you’re not brushing the tape. You should also avoid pulling on your extensions while brushing your hair. Holding your hair with one hand and brushing with the other starting from the bottom up to remove knots is the best way to prevent pulling, Much like your natural hair, if you pull too hard, exert too much force, or are too rough, your tape in hair extensions can fall out or become damaged.

With the proper care, your tape in hair extensions can look great and last eight of more weeks. And the best part about being gentle with your tape in hair extensions is that they will look great for much longer, allowing you to remove them, replace their tape, and reapply them multiple times.

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