Why Are Tape-in Hair Extensions Perfect For Travel?

Travel is equal parts exciting and stressful. You're off to see new things, meet new people, but you're being taken out of your element, put into settings that are out of your control. This means that comfort and convenience are of the utmost importance when traveling, and nowhere is this truer than it is with your hair extensions.

tape in hair extensions

Our advice: Always, always, always go with tape-in hair extensions when traveling, and here's why:

  • You need something light-weight. The weight of clip-in extensions can grow uncomfortable, and what's more, they may even set off TSA metal detectors. You don't want all that extra weight on your head when you're off on a journey.
  • You want something that's going to stay put. You don't want to pass up a chance to dip into your hotel's swimming pool because you don't trust your extensions not to come out.
  • You want something low-maintenance. When traveling, you're usually pressed for time, and permanent extensions usually demand a lot of TLC to get just right.
  • Tape-in is low-cost and low-maintenance. They tend to be less expensive than nano-ring or micro-bead, and can be brushed and adjusted in minutes in the comfort of your hotel room. No need to book time at a salon on the way to the airport.

tape in hair extensions

Our recommendation: if you're getting ready to hit the road, try out a set of SDX tape-in hair extensions. Put them in a few days before your departure date and see how they feel. The comfort, lightweight, low maintenance and affordable cost of SDX tape-in hair extensions make them the perfect solution if you want to stay stylish while traveling.

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