Hair Extensions Terms

Tape in Hair Extension Terms and General Definitions:

  • Double Drawn:  Double drawn hair is a process by hand where the hair is sifted through several times from the bulk state to collect only the hair that is all the same length. Once they have collected the hair that is all the same length, then it can be sent for processing into tape in hair extensions, micro beads, wefts and other hair extensions products alike.  Double drawn hair is thicker than single drawn hair, and generally more desired as a type of hair extension. 
  • Single Drawn:  Minimally processed by hand wherein the hair is drawn out collecting any length of hair before being processed into hair extensions such as tape in hair extensions.
  • Glue: An adhesive used to bond hair extensions to natural hair either prep bonded or as an additive to an application.  Can be used in the man manufacturing of the tape for tape in hair extensions.
  • Tape: An adhesive used to bond tape in hair extensions to natural hair which is typically added to the tape in hair extension and ready for application.  Tape in hair extensions tape also comes in the form of pre-die-cut sheets for use when adding new tape to preexisting tape in hair extensions.
  • Tangling: This occurs in hair extensions generally when the cuticle is flowing in different directions from root to tip and gets caught on one another resulting in tangling.
  • Shedding: Falling hair while brushing or cleaning that can be a result of being improper bonding.  This is typically not the case with tape in hair extensions.
  • Replacement Tape:  Tape that is die-cut to fit the exact shape and size of a tape in hair extension.  Used during a maintenance service of removing and replacing the same tape in hair extensions with new tape.
  • Applicator Tool:  Also referred to as an extension tool, and a clamping tool, which is used to help aid in the application and sometimes the removal of tape in hair extensions and other various forms of hair extensions.
  • Remover Spray:  Liquid Solution formulated to gently remove the tape in hair extensions without damaging natural hair or the tape in hair extension itself.  
  • Extension remover oil:  Oil solvent to dissolve the glue used in bonding the tape in hair extension to the natural hair.  Remover oil leaves a residue on the natural hair that needs to be removed thoroughly in order to re-adhere an extension back to the natural hair.
  • Over Processed:  Hair that has been overly processed with either chemicals or heat.  The result from this over processing is matting and tangling and the hair generally no longer usable. 
  • Ratio:  Term used to describe different length strands incorporated within a single hair extension.
  • Bulk Hair:  Term defining unfinished hair purchased in large quantities to be made into various different hair extensions including tape in hair extensions.
  • Raw Material:  Hair purchased in its raw state to be processed in various manners and made into hair tape in hair extensions, wigs, wefts, and weaves.

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