Can I wear hair extensions if my hair is already long?

Tape In Hair Extensions for Long Hair:

Long tape in hair extensions are generally categorized at 20-24 Inches in length.  Longer tape in hair extensions can be found with special custom ordering and can go as long as 30+ inches.  Things to look out for when ordering longer hair extensions:

  1. How thick the hair extension is at the bottom is the length
  2. Hair extensions that are long generally have a tapered look at the bottom and are relatively thin in appearance
  3. Many manufacturers will blend in horse hair and other synthetic fibers to make the hair appear longer and thicker.

Can I Still Wear Hair Extensions If My Hair Is Already Long?

Absolutely! Countless individuals with long hair run to salons to have extensions installed.  Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Adding thickness to already long hair
  2. Adding color with extensions to hair without coloring their own hair
  3. Filling in thinning areas from the hairline
  4. Covering areas of hair loss from alopecia 

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