Are My Hair Extensions Real or Fake?

You may have questioned whether or not you hair extensions are Human Hair or Fake Human Hair.  Here are some good tips to help you determine what kind of hair extensions you have:

Hair Extensions Burn Test:

Extensions made of only human hair will burn a and turn to ash.  Hair extensions that are blended with or made up of only synthetic fibers will melt and have a gummy residue. 


Hair Extensions Styling Test:

Synthetic hair extensions can generally be worn right out of the box with little to no styling needed.  Synthetic hair extensions use a fibre with a "memory" wave pattern during production.  Human hair extensions need more work and effort to style just like normal human hair.  Only specially designed heat resistant and heat friendly synthetic hair can be heat styled to change the predetermined pattern.

Hair Extensions Shine Test:

Although many human hair extensions are extremely shiny, synthetic hair extensions posses a plastic-like shine to them with little to no variation in color strand by strand.



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