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Why Shouldn't Tape-In Hair Extensions be worn in high pony tails?

So you've heard the rumor.....YOU CAN'T WEAR YOUR HAIR UP WITH TAPE-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS....or can you?

So you're thinking about getting tape-in hair extensions,  but you've heard your days of wearing your hair up are over - is it true?  So what's the deal?

Tape-in Hair Extensions are currently the beauty industries leading form of no damage extension because of the way they are installed.  But if you think about it, tape-in hair extensions are installed with the natural growth pattern of your hair. High pony tails and up do's are not how your hair grows naturally out of your head, and are definately a big No with tape-in hair extensions.

That being said, you really shouldn't wear your tape-in hair extensions in any other manner then how they were installed, following the growth pattern of your natural hair.

Fortunately, you still have options throwing your man up if you still want to even when you are wearing tape-in hair extensions.  let's break down a few of them.


  • TOP KNOT: But not the kind your thinking about.  Take only the hair that llives above the top line of extensions and use that for your top knot creating and sort of half-up and half-down look.
  • PULL IT BACK:  Take the section around your hair line that is free of extensions and pull it back and to the occiptal area of your head and secure with a fashion clip.
  • SPACE OUT:  Take space buns to a whole new level and wrap them up! Use the hair only above the top row of extensions an create two top knots seprate from eachother in a messy bun fashion for a super spacey bun look.


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