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Tape in Hair Extensions Common Maintenance Questions

Tape in Hair Extensions Common Maintenance Questions

My Tape In Hair Extensions Make My Scalp Itch

If your tape in hair extensions itch its time for a wash.  Most common reasons for itchy tape in hair extensions is an excess build-up of oil or product is usually the root of the reason for the discomfort. 

My Tape In Hair Extensions Are Tangling

If your tape in hair extensions are tangling, its time to re-evaluate your styling choices.  Turn down the heat on your hot tools - thermal damage results in a rough cuticle that can catch on surrounding hairs making it hard to brush through. Much like a hangnail that catches on clothing, if you have thermally damaged your tape in hair extensions, the frayed ends will catch on the surrounding hair causing matting and tangling.   

Watch your hair product for hidden keratin!  As keratin works wonders on natural hair fibers, it leaves a gummy residue on any hair extension leaving the hair feeling matted which causes it to tangle easily.

Throw out your old metal and plastic brushes - and get a natural boar bristle brush.  Try to remember your hair and the human hair made up in your tape in hair extensions are entirely different textures.  It is always recommended to use an extension specific natural boar bristle brush to maintain your mane. These extensions specific brushes are designed to glide through the multiple textures of hair and allow them to coexists with one another.

My Tape In Hair Extensions Feel Rough

Generally, if you air dry your natural hair, it has a more rough appearance.  Same goes with tape in hair extensions.  If you want your tape in hair extensions to feel smooth and soft, you'll need to blow dry it, in the same manner, you would on your natural hair for the same effect.  Want soft beach waves?  Well, you'll have to add those to your tape in hair extensions, in the same manner, you would your natural hair. 

Another common reason your tape in hair extensions may have a rough texture is simply due to thermal damage.  Turn down the heat and turn up the use of thermal protecting styling agents.  Unfortunately, if you have already thermally damaged your tape in hair extensions, you'll have to try again with a new set.  Since tape in hair extensions don't grow like natural hair, you really don't get a second chance after they have been damaged.