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How to Start your Own Tape in Hair Extensions Business

How to Start your Own Tape in Hair Extensions Business

Starting your Own Tape in Hair Extensions Business is easier than you think:

Let's break it down....


What do you need to set started?

  • A market for the service
  • inventory
  • Tools & Accessories
  • Startup Plan


When looking for a market for the service, look no further than the clients already sitting in your chair who may have never thought of having hair extensions.  SDX. is priced so affordable, it is just another add-on in salon service to offer to your existing clientele.  No more expensive than a Keratin Treatment or Balayage color service, your clients will feel more comfortable saying yes to hair extensions!



You will have a harder time selling your clientele one by one, purchasing hair head by head.  Instead, invest in growing your business with a variety of SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions inventory.  Did you know they finance at 0% for any order? $59.00 - $59,000.00?  You'll never worry about making that sale in salon when you have the inventory to support it.  Ask yourself this question, do you always stock your color cabinet to make sure you have what you need for any client coming into the salon? Do you always make sure your retail wall is stocked for sales? Then why not stock SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions too and then you'll never worry about an extension add-on service to the client sitting in your chair.



In addition to having inventory ready for that In Salon add-on service, you'll want to make sure you are also prepared for what it takes to install and maintain the Tape in Hair Extensions.  You'll need The Tool, The Tape, The Remover and The Ring.  All priced so affordable, you won't have to think twice about arming yourself with the tools you need for success. 



The best way to market a new in salon service is to participate yourself.  After you have experienced all the benefits for yourself, and your clients can see the results, it's super easy to talk about and make more sales.  Quite simply, start by wearing the extensions yourself so people will comment and a conversation can begin naturally about the new service.

Think about what you'd like to gain from the new service and what it means for your growing business.  Take a peak around town and see what others are doing.  Think about what is best for you business and create a plan that works for your clientele.  Will it be a discounted rate for the first application? Possibly an incentive to add to an existing salon service? Or maybe even offer vibrant colors (Such as pink for the month of breast cancer awareness month) where a portion of your proceeds go towards the cause? No one can tell you what is right for your business.  Some have a lot of luck with online coupon distributors such as Groupon.  You make the choice.