How to Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the most popular ways for someone to improve their look. With a number of colors, lengths, styles, and more, there is an almost unlimited number of options at someone's disposal. At some point, individuals will want to remove their tape-in hair extensions. There are a number of ways that can be followed to remove them safely.

tape in hair extensions

Removing Tape-In Hair Extensions

There are a number of ways to remove tape-in hair extensions. The most reliable way is to seek the help of licensed professionals. They will have the best view of the hair extensions and also have the experience and tools necessary to do this quickly and safely.

Those who would like to do this in the comfort their own home can use an oil-based remover. These are often based on palm oil, coconut oil, or something similar. Place a layer of oil at the top of the time and then use a combination of heat and time (often from a blow dryer) as the oil seeps into the tab. The oil is used to break the sticky, bonding material of the tape in a safe manner. With the bonding material broken, the extension can be removed.

There are also conditioners that can be used to help remove tape-in hair extensions. Because conditioner is not the same as oil, this process often takes longer; however, many people like to massage their scalp while using the conditioner in addition to removing the hair extensions. The conditioner will break the bonding material in the same way as oil.

tape in hair extensions

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Following these steps will help everyone remove their tape-in hair extensions in a safe and secure manner. Often, people will want to put in new tape-in hair extensions after taking out the old ones. Those who are looking for high-quality tape-in hair extensions should take a look at the selection from to learn more!

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