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How to Care for Blonde Tape-In Hair Extensions

How to Care for Blonde Tape-In Hair Extensions

Have you ever thought about what is takes to care for your Tape-In Hair Extensions?  You'll be surprised it's easier then you think.

First Step is to maintain your extensions with a natural boar bristle brush.  Metal brushes can heat up under the heat of a blose dryer and can a cause thermal damage while styling.  As for brushing, metal and plastic brushes are more harsh on the tape-in hair extensions then boar bristle brushes.

Use good products!  Stay away from sulfates of anykind (this is good for your natural hair and your tape-in hair extensions).  Sulfates are a detergent of the past and is no considered too harsh of a chemical for your hair.  Since SDX.'s tape-in hair extensions are made with only human hair, you'll want to steer clear of sulfates all together.

Do no skip the conditioner! Some people fear getting conditioner on the tape-in hair extensions tab area because of slipping.  While this is true, you must still condition your tape-in hair extensions, avoiding the tab area.

Wear a loose braid that is stright back from the nape of your head.  Do not pull your tape-in hair extensions to briad on one side, as you do not want to pull the tape-in hair extensions tabs out from where they were installed.

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