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How Many Tape in Hair Extensions do I Need?

How Many Tape in Hair Extensions do I Need?

Tape-in hair extensions have become popular with a lot of age groups. Women have found that tape-in hair extensions allow them to change their hair length, color, and style on-demand. One of the most common questions that people have is how many tape-in hair extensions will I need? This plays a role in not only the look of the extensions but also the price as well. Fortunately, there are a few helpful tips that people can use to help them get their look exactly as they want it. 

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The Head Circumference

One of the first factors that people need to think about is the circumference of the head. This is broken up into three categories:

A “small” size is any head circumference that measures 21 inches or under.

A “medium” circumference is either 22 or 23 inches.

Finally, a “large” circumference is any size that is 24 inches or more.

Most importantly, be sure to measure head circumference properly. Use the bony prominence on the back of the skull and wrap this around to the front of the forehead just above the eyebrows. 

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The Thickness of the Hair

While hair might seem like a thin strand, it actually comes in different thicknesses. One of the easiest ways to quantify the thickness of the hair is to use a ponytail holder. How many times can a ponytail holder go around the hair? Make sure to collect this information, as most people will be able to wrap around the ponytail holder anywhere from one to four times.

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The Ultimate Style

Finally, everyone needs to think about what they want their hair to look like when they’re finished. Length, volume, and thickness are all going to play a role in the final style. If someone desires all three of the above, they are going to need more tape-in hair extensions. 

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Coming Up with a Rough Estimate

With these factors in mind, people can come up with a rough estimate. Larger heads with thicker hair may require five or more packs. Smaller heads with thinner hair might be able to accomplish the task with less than that. In the end, rely on the professionals from sdxhair.com and their customer service reps to get the look exactly as desired!