How Many Tape In Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Getting a game plan down when installing hair extensions is key in determining the quantity and ultimately price.  There are three factors to take into consideration before installing tape in hair extensions:

What Is the Circumference Of Your Head?

Small:  Individuals who are categorized with having a smaller head size measure 21 inches or less.

Medium:  If you fall into a medium size head circumference, you measure between 22-23 inches on average.

Large:  Measuring 24 inches or more puts you in the larger head size category.


How Thick Is Your Hair?

Thick: A ponytail holder goes around 1-2 times.

Medium: A ponytail holder goes around 2-3 times.

Thin: A ponytail holder goes around 3-4 or more times.


What Kind of Result Do You Want WIth Tape In Hair Extensions?




I want it all!

So How Many Tape In Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Since everyone has a unique head size, and wants different results from their tape in hair extensions goals one of the best ways to get a suggestion is to use a tape in hair extensions finder wizard.  SDX Tape In Hair Extensions has a great one free of charge.  Check it out here.

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