Can Men Wear Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are not made exclusively for women. The latest long hair trend for men features styles that are chin-length and longer. With tape-in hair extensions, you have a perfect way to experiment with a new longer style without having to wait for your hair to grow out. The following are some tips for choosing tape-in hair extensions for men.

tape in hair extensions

Check the Specifications

Tape-in hair extensions require that the hair have a minimum length, please check with your stylist. This may require that you grow out your hair slightly before having them installed. Also, you want to take the time to examine the color choices available. Take a quiz to find how many pieces you'll need. The goal is to create a cohesive look between the extensions and your natural hair. Another option is to dye your natural hair and choose a matching extension shade.

tape in hair extensions

Speak to a Stylist

For hair extensions to look good, men should use a professional stylist for installation. Check local salons and find out who on staff has experience with tape-in hair extensions for men. With a stylist installing the extensions, they will be secured correctly and will last for eight weeks. If you attempt to put in the hair extensions without professional assistance, you risk damaging your hair and the extensions are not likely to last as long.

tape in hair extensions

Personalize the Extensions

Since tape-in hair extensions are made from real hair, you can change up the style in any way you choose. You could wear the hair long and straight or add curls for a rocker look. Extensions can be trimmed to your shoulders for a laid back beach look. A major benefit of hair extensions is that none of the looks you try are permanent.

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