Tape in Hair Extensions Replacement Tape



Tape in Hair Extensions Replacement Tape


SDX. Tape in Hair Extensions Replacement Tape is die-cut to fit as a seamless replacement application during routine maintenance visits. 

SUPER HOLD (48 pieces): This tape has a longer hold up to 8 weeks of expected wear. Suitable for all hair types, the durability of this tape helps ensure limited slippage.

SDX. Super Hold Tape is perfect for regular extension wear up to 8 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Take a peek at our step-by-step tutorial on how to re-tab your extensions with SDX. Super Hold Tape.

Temporary Hold (40 pieces): This tape tab design features an interlocking grid system that leaves behind no sticky residue. It was designed for a natural-light hold on fine to medium hair. 

SDX. Temporary Hold Tape is the go-to for video or editorial shoots, weddings, special events, and other short-term wear. When used properly and with our clamper tool, this tape can hold for up to 2 weeks but can also be removed immediately without any sticky residue. Holds for 2-3 days without our clamper tool. This tape can last longer for very fine hair.


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