[How To] Installing Tape In Hair Extensions for Maximum Length & Volume

If you're like many customers looking into tape in hair extensions, you're probably looking for the longest, thickest hair possible.  If that is the case for you, this is how you can install 60 pieces of tape in hair extensions to add the ultimate thickness, length and volume to your hair:

60 Piece Tape In Hair Extensions Head Map:

Generally speaking, larger head circumference and thicker natural hair calls for additional pieces of tape in hair extensions to make the transition appear seamless. This is a great example of how to install 60 pieces of tape in hair extensions.

Since tape in hair extensions are applied using a sandwich technique, you will need 60 pieces (30 complete extensions) to install using the guide above.

Since everyone has a different shape to their head,  you may change the application to accommodate for their shape. 

Typically, the row with the most tape in hair extensions is the same row with the largest surface to cover - generally at the parietal region just above the ears, but below the crown. 

Tape in hair extensions are applied in a bricklayer pattern for a full coverage effect.

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